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Daily Juror Call-in  Notification Service
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Attention Jurors:  On this day, MONDAY, April 11, 2016, jurors with reporting numbers 1 through and including 1200 are to report for jury service.

Please bring your summons and photo identification with you.

Updated 4-08-16 4:12pm

Updated information is provided Monday through Friday at 5 p.m.

If selected, please read all the following instructions before reporting!

  • Bring your summons with you.
  • Please arrive at 8:00 a.m. in Room 240, West Courthouse.

  • Please enter the building through the St. Paul Street entrance.   There is also a handicap accessible entrance on Fayette Street.   Please do not use the Lexington entrance in order to avoid security delays.

  • Vending and change machines are in the Jury Assembly Area.  You may bring your lunch and any reading or work material with you.

  • For emergency assistance call (410) 333-3775 between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

  • For emergency weather closings, please listen to WBAL,1090AM on your radio or visit http://www.baltocts.state.md.us/flypage/emergency.html to make sure the Courts are open.

  • By order of the Baltimore City Sheriff's Department some items are prohibited and are not to be brought into the building. Click here for details

  • Other items are allowed with restrictions. Click here for details

  • Proper Dress is required.  Uniform type attire (e.g., medical, law enforcement, military, etc.) should not be worn for jury service. Abbreviated clothing such as: shorts, muscle shirts, halter tops, bare midriff, leggings/meggings, etc., are not acceptable court attire. Exposed underwear, clothing with inappropriate language, and other types of clothing not appropriate for court are not to be worn

Alert! - Juror Identity Theft Scam

Some identity theft scams have been reported where a "scammer" claims to be from the court and need to verify your personal information. The scammer may even threaten to issue a warrant for your arrest by falsely claiming that you failed to appear for jury service. It should be noted that court workers would never call you to ask for your Social Security Number or other private information.

Please protect yourself. Never give personal information when answering an unsolicited phone call and/or email.

Administrative Order on Use of Cell Phones and other Communication Devices

Administrative Order on Use of Cell Phones and other Communication

Thank you for your public service.  If you have questions, please view our frequently asked questions section before contacting the Jury Commissioner's Office at (410) 333-3775.  If you need directions, click here.